common standards for tagging

Tags (google calls them labels) are like keywords which can be related to a webpage, picture or software. People use them because they help in categorization of information. Tags are so much in use in so much different ways that they sometimes loose their importance. There is a need for common standards for tagging.
Is it possible to have a common standards for tagging? We look at the process of tagging. Asuming that the user under test has to tag an article. The process he will follow are :
1. Reading the article and understanding the sense of it.
2. Remembering the important keywords that can be associated with the article.
3. Tagging the article.

Step 1 cannot be standardized. We cannot alter the way a person understands or perceives something. Step 2 cannot have a standard. Step 1 will influence step 2 and both step 1 and step 2 will influnce step 3.
Step 3 can have some common standards in form of structure. The Standards should be able to answer the questions like
1.How much tags are too much ? What should be the maximum number of tags?
2.What should be the maximum length of a single tag word. How much words should be acceptable. Like “tagging standards” or “need of tagging standards”.
3. Will “tagging standards” ,”tagging_standards”,”tagging-standards” be the same?

What if the user starts with the wrong sets of keywords for tagging ? Step 3 will lose to have any value inspite standards.

JenSense and jensense are two different things. are they ?


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