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Google PPC – just found an interesting tip :)

A very interesting tip for people using Google PPC. 🙂



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is reverse engineering google legal?

Google search result algorithms are a secret (are they? ) . Google has given guidelines for websites to rank better in the SERPs. These include following the webmaster guidelines, getting quality links. But there is a lot of information available using the reverse engineering approach.
The question is if this technique is legal. While installing any software,we have to agree to their licence agreement.This licence agreement includes the conditions that we will not reverse engineer, diassamble the product.
Does this applicable for a search engine? By using a search engine, do we have any agreement that we will not reverse engineer the results. If it is so, then the “SEO Guru” have to give advice for SEO only on the basis of what information google made them available. Not on what they see in the search results. If someone analyzes the search results and makes a conclusion, it amounts to reverse engineering. We don’t know the algorithm,but we are making the conclusion only on the basis of results.
For eg. a SEO Expert is saying that keywords in domain are important. Then the question is how he arrived to the conclusion. If he made his conclusion by studying the search results of google,then he was using a reverse engineering approach.It is similiar to saying that “changing a jump at 00423355 will remove the 30 day trial limitation”.

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